Android Activity Life Cycle

Activity An Activity is a single screen in Android. It resembles a window in a desktop application, or a Frame in a Java program. An Activity permits you put all your UI components or widgets together on the screen. Activity  is the sub class of  ContextThemeWrapper class. android.view.ContextThemeWrapper : A context wrapper that allows you to modify orRead More

Application Components – Android

Android Components

Android Application has Application Components which acts as major building blocks. Components are usually declared in application manifest file which is AndroidManifest.xml. This file will help you in understanding the use of each and every application component and how do they interact with each other. Android App is build using these components. Every Android developer should knowRead More

Android Architecture

android architecture

Android Architecture consists of five parts and four main layers. Below are list of five libraries 1) Linux Kernel 2) Native Libraries 3) Android Runtime 4) Application Framework 5) Applications Coming to four main layers, below are the list of items 1) Linux Kernel 2) Libraries 3) Application Framework 4) Applications Architecture Diagram Linux KernelRead More